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  After a couple of years of independently recording ourselves and friends on 4-track cassette recorders, Daniel Majorie and I began working on projects together in 1997 when we recorded a local band on one of our 4-track machines. That recording ended up getting released by a local record label, and other local bands' interest in having us record them began to grow and started a relentless effort to upgrade our gear and improve recording techniques. For several years after that first session together Daniel lived in Nashville, earning a recording degree from Middle Tennessee State University and working in various studios. During that period I remained in New Orleans, established The Living Room, and recorded a long list of mostly local bands out of my two-bedroom house. In 2003 we wanted to progress together with the studio in New Orleans and Daniel moved back from Nashville. After quickly outgrowing the small house by filling it with gear and being limited by its space constraints, we began searching for a new facility that could accomodate nearly any size project or style of music, and also have enough space to pursue our other hobbies. In October, 2004, we purchased a 1930's wood frame former church from with a large attached workshop, ceased booking projects at the original location, and started working on the new version of The Living Room. By utilizing each other's strengths during planning and construction, we built our dream facility together and continued to do our own maintenance on all of the recording gear and instruments, in addition to engineering and other studio-related duties. Daniel has since moved to Asheville, N.C., but I continue to run the studio, always striving to capture the energy of a performance in an environment that is comfortable for the artists. I treat every project as an individual period of human interraction and audio documentation, and never want anyone to feel as though they are just a client. Thank you for visiting this site!

Chris George

2012 & 2013 Offbeat Magazine Studio Of The Year
2011 & 2012 Offbeat Magazine Engineer Of The Year